Friday, July 28, 2006

Vista Media Center Decoder utility

In my post below Vista Media Center changing default decoder I mentioned I was working on something to make the process of changing the default MPEG-2 Video and Audio decoders in Vista a little easier.

Well here it is the Vista Media Center Decoder utility. This utility will show you the current default decoders, let you select an alternative from a list of installed decoders and by pressing Set Default change the defaults. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, you can even select a Video Decoder from one provider and an Audio Decoder from another.

Use at your own risk but it worked for me.

Download Utility - note you must save this program locally.

Update - This application requires .net Framework v2


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Dan said...

Have you been able to get the Nvidia Decoder to utilize Hardware Acceleration in Vista? I've tried since Beta1 and no luck. I see DirectX shows that the video drivers enable hardward acceleration, but the Nvidia decoder always shows the decoder format as being Software Mode.

Garry Whittaker said...

I had the same problem initally. Unfortubately the old trick of using the settings in Windows Media Player doesn't work because this only updates the Microsoft Decoder. I did have success with the CyberLink driver as I could use Power DVD to change the settings.

I did finally get Nvidia to work by running Media Center windowed and using the Nvidia icon that appears in the toolbar. However I did have to stop and restart Media Center after the change. It was very fiddly.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice if the UK PAL issue on studio based (video) has been fixed ?

With any DVD decoder under MCE2005 with PAL, there is interlace flickering on certain lighting (like QVC) and exhibits on things like hands moving or ticker tapes quivering in movement. This happens with all video cards and MPEG2 decoders and is only triggered on stations like QVC where bitrate is low and the studio lighting is bright.

Its been around since MCE Rollup2 and the culprit is QUARTZ.DLL.

Is this finally fixed in Vista MCE (Nvidia aware of the problem too)

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice if the UK PAL issue on studio based (video) has been fixed ?

With any DVD decoder under MCE2005 with PAL, there is interlace flickering on certain lighting (like QVC) and exhibits on things like hands moving or ticker tapes quivering in movement. This happens with all video cards and MPEG2 decoders and is only triggered on stations like QVC where bitrate is low and the studio lighting is bright.

Its been around since MCE Rollup2 and the culprit is QUARTZ.DLL.

Is this finally fixed in Vista MCE (Nvidia aware of the problem too)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks the untility worked perfectly.

Garry Whittaker said...

anonymous 1:

Haven't noticed any PAL flicker in RC1 but that could be my eyes :-)

anonymous 2:
You are welcome - glad people are using it and finding it useful

Neil said...

Hi Garry,
Spotted your web site whilst trying to find a solution to the 'no DVD audio' problem in Vista since 5472. now using RC1 and tried this fix to activate the nvidia codecs but just get an error message in MCE and WMP saying there is a codec problem, any ideas?


Garry Whittaker said...

Hi Neil

Do you get the missing codec message when using the Microsoft Codecs as well? If not it could be that the Nvidia decoders haven't installed properly. Try removing them and then reinstall with a Run as Administrator.

My utility should also be Run as Administrator if you have UAC enabled.

Have you tried mixing and matching NVidia Video and Microsoft Audio and vice versa.

neil said...

Thanks for the reply Garry,

Yes the MS codecs work with no problem, and i can use your utility, (as administrator) to switch between the MS and Nvidia codecs, the MS ones work the Nvidia don't.

Tried the mix and match and that fails whichever way around i try it.

I'll try and reinstall the Nvidia Codecs see if it helps, and will then let you know.


Anonymous said...

Hey There, just wanted to say a quick thank you. Have been having problems with sound in MCE Vista RC1, downloaded the decoder utility swapped over to Nvidia Purevideo Decoder and the problem was fixed. Great work!!! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

This works VERY well for the nvidia and powerdvd codecs, but fail to register the ac3filer.

also if you install windvd 7.0 the windvd audio decoder is only selectable in the video drop down menu?

Garry Whittaker said...

The utility can only work with codecs that are tagged as MCE compatible which unfortunately the AC3FILTER isn't.

Not sure what is happining with the windvd audio codec. Maybe its not tagged as an Audio codec. Actually there is and override in the app to look for audio in the name as well because the Nvidia codec isn't tagged either.

What is the windvd one called in the drop-down?

Jonathon said...

Very strange...I used your tool to change the video codec to an Intervideo one...After that, Media Center crashes whenever I try to watch TV or play a DVD. Problem persists even when I change it back to the Microsoft one. Any ideas?
(I've looked at the registry and the values look like what I think they should for the microsoft codecs)

Also, the Intervideo Audio codec appears in the video dropdown list, not the audio list.

Garry Whittaker said...

Which version of vista?

Jonathon said...

RC1 (build 5600).

Garry Whittaker said...

There do seem to have been some issues with the intervideo decoder and RC1. One post I saw said he had to reinstall vista after using it.

I'll download a trial copy and have a play.

Anonymous said...

I have the Nvidia Decoder downloaded and installed using win xp video decoder checkup utility nvidia video decoder is my preferred decoder but using your uility the Nvidia Decoder is not on the list just the default. I also look in the registry and only the default is list i look in both where xp and vista would put them i'm runing vista build RC1 5600

Garry Whittaker said...

Did you run the NVIDIA install as administrator?

If not it won't appear in the list.

dave said...

Hey, I did run the nvidia Purevideo setup as Administrator, and it's still not an option on my list. Any ideas? (Vista RC1)

Chris said...

thank you for your efforts on this.
Like many, my Vista RC1 was working fine, and now recorded and live tv brings up the "missing decoder" error, and trying to play the recorded shows in media plyer brings up a "not enough ram" error (thats with half a gig free).

Your utility shows that I have the MPEG decoder and that it is compatible.. and that is the only option on the list.

should I download additional drivers ( I have found on the net a few free ones, xpacks of many, etc), or should I uninstall and reinstall the MPEG decoder?

if it does come to re-install.. how exaactly do I uninstall and reinstall it? the control panel in VISTA has a different layout and I can not locate the option.

thanks for any response. I have to get the TV working again or the wife will kill me!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have the same problems as others in RC1 is that I have installed the NVidia Purevideo trial as administrator. I restarted and the decoder utility just picks up the Microsoft Decoder and not Nvidia. I also tried installing as a normal user and its still the same.

I have UAC turned off that is what the pop says at the taskbar.

Any help is appreciated

Delwin said...

I'm also having the same problems.

Anonymous said...

I was reading Microsoft newsgroups and there are others who cannot view live tv or recorded programs. Some said that there is a time limit on the decorder and if you change the time it will work however this is not very useful, At least they could have given us until the final version is released.

I will try this method when I get home from work. I think on my machine it stopped working around 12 or 13 November so I will put the day earlier and see what happens.

It would be great if somebody could figure out why this program cannot change to Trial Nvidia for some and for others it can.

jcgrizzy said...

After trying for three days, even after a clean install, i set the date back to november 1st. I worked instantly. I guess the pure codec did have a time limit that gave no warning. I guess i will have to buy it. Pity i wasted so much time and uninstalled all my programs.

Anonymous said...

Even if you buy it it does not work for me at least because you cannot change it to use Nvidia purevideo codec it always uses Microsoft codec, which expired for some reason.

Something needs to be changed in the registry to use Nvidia. I tried this program and no luck.

Garry Whittaker said...

That's odd. Did you try running my program as administrator (right click. Run as administrator) Also did Nvidia appear in the drop-downs.

I run Nvidia decoders set-up using my app fine.

jcgrizzy said...

Still doesn't work. I have wasted over 5 days on this. I also wasted my money on purevideo decoder. The nvidia info does not show up in the registry as garry suggested, nor can i choose any other decoder. I will try to reinstall purevideo and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

To help get this problem fixed, I'll write down waht I've tried so far. Running RC1, mediacenter decoder expired, trying to change primary decoder to nvidia purevideo bronze. i've tried to use this utility, but it doesn't show up. when i manually change the clsid in registry, i get the same error in mediacenter, and when i open up the utility it says "not found" and gives me the microsoft options. tried uninstall reinstall's and tried using windvd, no luck.

Anonymous said...

I have did the same as you deleted the CLISD, ran the utility and nothing shows up, pressing arrow down only shows up Microsoft decoder.

Garry Whittaker said...

This has got me a little mystified as the Nvidia decoder is till showing up on my set up.

Could someone with the problem take a look in regedit at
and see if one of the entries in there is for the Nvidia decoder
If so is there an entry in
Capabilities under it called
This is the flag that sets the codec as being Media Center compatible. If it isn't there it would be worth trying adding it.

Anonymous said...

I have looked at my registry and that key does not exist. I have created but I am sure I have to create other things. Would you be kind enough to export the key and post it here so that we can create a .reg file and import it.

Hopefully that will work

Marc Cardinal said...

Good morning,

I like many people have the same problem.
I have uninstalled the Pure Video Codec 4 times,and each time I look in the Reg. File, there is no change.
It seems hell bent on using the Microsoft Codec.
Has anyone other than Garry been able to fix this problem w/o having to reinstall the OS or otherwise?


Garry Whittaker said...

Ok I may have a solution. Try running the Nvidia install as administrator but more importantly in XP SP2 Compatibility mode (right click properties to set)
This seems to update the registry OK and you can then run my utility.

Anonymous said...

I did a bit more searching in the registry and found out the the Nvidia Information was going to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{083863F1-70DE-11d0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\Instance\

So I exported the NVIDIA keys edit the .reg file removed Wow6432Node and merged the .reg file. Run the vmcd application and there was both Nvidia Video and Audio Decoder I set them as default opened up media centre however it still says Decoder error. I then tryed to install Purevideo again, restarted and still no luck.

Chenged the dates to see that the Microsoft decoder works went to vmcd again to set microsoft and did that opened media centre and again I was able to watch tv. Switched again to Purevideo still it does not work.

So there must be something else. I have 64 bit machine if that makes a difference.

Couple of month of waiting to go.

Garry Whittaker said...

Not sure if the install in XP compatibility mode will work on an x64 device but worth a try. Also I suspect you will have an entry directly under wow6432node\clsid for the nvidia decoder which again you could try removing wow6432node from.

Delwin said...

Install in XP SP2 compat. mode didn't work for me.

Garry Whittaker said...

I've just set up a clean RC2 install.
Downloaded the Nvidia Decoder
Right click properties compatibility
Windows XP SP2 and Run as Administrator
Run the setup
and set the trial key.
Run my utility and Nvidia showed in the dropdown
Slected it and went to Media Center and Live TV works using the Nvidia.

Anonymous said...

Question about the Nvidia Decoder. isnt this just a 30 day trial? what happens when it expires?

are there any other decoders that would work? i have in my drop down box Nero Video Decoder. but it doesnt seem to work.

Anonymous said...

another question about the nvidia decoder. do you need to have nvidia hardware for it to work? i have an ATI based motherboard with embedded gfx and an ati x300

no nvidia to be found

Anonymous said...


You have said that you have installed RC2. I think most of us have RC1 and maybe that is why it works on your machine and not ours.

Garry Whittaker said...

A fair comment. However I also run a machine on RC1 and that is still showing the NVidia decoder (paid for) in VMCD fine.

To answer the questions about the Nvidia codec above:
Yes it is a 30 day trial
Yes older versions of the trial download have expired.
No you cannot re-install the trial and expect it to work if it has expired. You will need a paid verison.
Yes it does work with non-nvidia hardware however it works better with Nvidia PureVideo enhanced hardware.
Finally if it is appearing in the VMCD drop-down and you have selected it (ensuring you are running as administrator and probably with UAC turned off) then you can test to see if it works as follows. Run Media Center. Take Media Center out of full screen to windowed. Play some recorded or live tv. You should see an Nvidia icon appear in the tray bottom right.

Garry Whittaker said...

To 64 bit users:

Ok VMCD is partially a 32 bit app which means it writes the 32bit version of the registry under the Wow6432Node. For some reason it reads the 64 bit registry for the codec list (don't ask me why its Microsoft's not my code doing this)

If you look above you will see someone has made a good start on copying the Wow6432Node registry entries for the Nvidia codec to the right place so that my app can see them but unfortunately I think my app will then update the wrong part of the registry for Media Center to see it.
I think (unfortunately I don't have a 64 bit machine to test on) that it will update
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Wow6432Node\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder
instead of
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder
could someone try this out and let me know if I am right (it should then be a case of copying the registry entries from one to the other to get it working)

Anonymous said...


I am trying to get a decoder to work but when i install them they dont come up in the vmcd program u made.

Could you give me instructions on how to install the Nvidia purevideo decoder.

Thanks Alot

Garry Whittaker said...

As per my post above for 32 bit machines:
"Download the Nvidia Decoder
Right click then Select properties then Select compatibility
Choose Windows XP SP2 and Run as Administrator
Run the Nvidia setup
and set the trial key or purchased key.
Run my utility and Nvidia should show in the dropdown
Select it and run Media Center"

Anonymous said...

what about 64-bit

Anonymous said...

Oh and just so you know i am stupid and require assistance with copying registry files and stuff.

So please gave me a step by step. Thnks

Garry Whittaker said...

Not sure about 64bit until I get some feedback from my comments above. I don't want to give a step by step until I'm certain. If I'm right with my suspicion then I should be able to write an app to handle 64 bit installs as well

Anonymous said...

ur so smart thanks

Anonymous said...

Feedback on 64bit I have been able to successfully copy the NVIDIA regestry entries over to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{083863F1-70DE-11d0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\Instance\.

Than ran VMCD and selected NVIDIA and it still did not work. Then I selected Microsoft Again and it worked (I did all the testing and instalation on 2 November). Tryed NVIDIA again no luck went back to Microsoft it works).

I think I will have to reinstall RC1 again as I have done so many regestry exports and imports I probable corrupted it somehow. From this experiment the VMCD does put the changes in the right place however it still does not work for me.

I will check again tonight what Garry asked for and reply



Garry Whittaker said...

Thanks Deni

Wish I had a 64 bit machine to try this on.

Just to enlighten me.

Has anyone ever run an Nvidia decoder on a 64 bit machine?

Has anyone got the Nvidia decoder working on a 32bit machine following my instructions above. (I ahve now set up 3 machines using those instructions and all have worked)

Anonymous said...

Nvidia decoder works on a 64bit machine however this is only in Media Player not in Media Centre. The nvidia purevideo icone shows up in the taskbar when I watch tv recordings through media player.

I am giving up on this I tried many thing and no luck. Hopefully someone else can figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Can we use ffdshow post processing while watching DVD's in Vista MCE?

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I know this is Vista, but I am desperate to find a utility to set the preferred DVD audio decoder under WinXP-SP2. Anyone with an answer to this please.

Christian said...

The nvidia decoder still uses software mode it shows in control panel: YUV2 software mode, in Vista mediacenter... someone has solved this problem???


Anonymous said...

I have a 64 bit machine running RC1. I first ran a search with the nvidia strig, and found the hexadecimal values; after that, I looked in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder, and the values matched. Copied these values to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder

and ran MC, but it told me the trial period had expired when I tried live TV. I bought the platnum Purevideo decoder, but I might have installed with the clock back to Nov 1st even though I don't think that would make a difference. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Works almost as "advertised" for me...

Installed InterVideo WinDVD 8, and neither video or audio showed up in the dropdowns.

Installed PowerDVD, and it show's up just fine. Only, media center crashes while trying to view a recorded program.

Installed nVidia PureVideo, and it works fine... only no hardware acceleration (have an ati card)...

Actually, Purevideo uses more cpu than microsoft's builtin decoder. Both are above 50-60% while viewing a recorded program....

Anonymous said...

Same here. Installing WinDVD 8, which claims to be Vista MCE compatible, fails to bring up any InterVideo codecs in the decoder utility. Also, no WinDVD 8 control panel in MCE.

It may just be a screw up on WinDVD's part. Any ideas?

Garry Whittaker said...

Hopefully I will get some time in the next few weeks to download the intervideo decoder and find out what the issue is

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Ive jus tloaded Vista 64 and found out like other people your vmcd doesnt work :(

Im happy to work it through with you if youd like?

Whats an email address that i can swap with you?


Anonymous said...

I am using Vista Home Premium RTM. After changing to different decoder (ex: nvidia or cyberlink) I am getting this error message. "Unable to set registry entry - Requested registry access is not allowed." I think it's rights issue. Please help on how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

Garry Whittaker said...

Unable to set a Registry Entry...

To solve this ensure you have saved the utility to your local drive and are not trying to run it from the internet explorer browser. Right click the utility and choose run as administrator.

Garry Whittaker said...


you can email me via support at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for super quick reply. Run as administrator using right click of file work (saved default decoder to nvidia and got a task tray icon pop). However, after changing to nVidia pure dvd decoder &cyberlink powerdvd it is still getting stuttering/lip-synch problem running from Media Player 11 (Vista default). I can't seem to link (to library in MCE) the file I download (file name is from

Is Media Player 11 on Vista and Media center in Vista using same decoder?
Does vmcd.exe change both mce and media player or just mce? Another words,
Are both programs linked?

I am using ATI Radeo Express 200 chipset (Express 1150 integrated GPU or X300 set to 128MB UMA), Athlon 64 (single core) 2.2Ghz running at 2.64Ghz, 1GB memory (single channel/mis-maching 512 x 2), ATA100 drive. Yes, CPU is running 100% when stuttering occurs. Is my video card the weakest link? Thanks again.

Garry Whittaker said...

Media Player and Media Center use different decoder settings. VMCD only affects the Media Center settings.

Are you running Vista 32 or 64 bit?(my current recommendation even for 64 bit users is to use 32bit)

Your graphic card should be ok. Which drivers do you have?

Have you tried adjusting the power settings. By default the balanced setting in vista doesn't use the full cpu potential.

Anonymous said...

I finally forced the hd sample media to play using eshell.exe (media center instead of media player). It seems to stutter bit worse in MCE over Media Player. Video driver is 8.333.0.0. Using 32bit environment. Used Performance Power mode. Received Windows Experience Index of 4.3 on CPU, 3.9 on Memory, 2.0 on Graphics, 3.0 Gaming Graphics, and 4.8 primary hdd. Tried with aero and sidebar turned off (still stuttering and mis-lip/synch. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

PowerDVD 7.0 from Cyberlink (DXVA DISABLED from PowerDVD 7.0 configuration) completely fixed lip-synch problem and stutter is much better than nVidia or MS default decoder.

There is PowerDVD Ultra (7.2) which is not available for download. Some people reported better result with Ultra version.

Kees said...

Hi I used your utility on Vista Ultimate RTM and it works perfectly for Windows MediaCenter (it now uses my Nvidia PureVideo Decoders), however after using the utility I can no longer play DVD's (made with Windows DVD Maker) with Mediaplayer (error C00D11B1), they only play with the Nvidia codecs on Media Center.
When I use your utility to set the codecs back to the original Microoft decoders in Ultimate I can play DVD's on mediaplayer and mediacenter.... Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have just taken the plunge and upgraded my mediacenter to Vista (32bit edition) from XPMC2005.

When I play an avi file (xvid encoded) through media player it works perfectly but there are some strange distortions when played through the mediacenter. I have tried a number of different codec packs and still get the same issue.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

After installing the Nvidia Pure Video latest release, my recorded TV will play fine(DVR-MS files) in Media center, but if i open them with just WMP 11, i get the same sound error code as before. And the video codec is not using HW Accel. like nVidias site says it will. Any ideas?

war59312 said...


Could you please make it open center screen and an icon for it?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Worked great! Changed from microsoft codec over to cyberlink.

Vista Ultimate RTM + Nvidia 7800GT + ATI HDTV Wonder


Anonymous said...

gary can you please create a Vista 64bit decoder utility. I really would like to get purevideo working on Vista 64bit. I would help, but I dont know much about this. Or at least figure out the step by step procedure to change the registry. thanks so much for any help.

John G said...

People have asked me how to get the WinDVD and DSCALER codecs to work in Mediacenter as i reported on their use.

I noticed that whether by accident or design, the Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility will set the "MCE Compatible" flag on a codec to true when you set it as the system default codec.


a) use Xp codec util to set as default
b) run the above Vista MC codec util, the codec will now appear in the list, select it and set.

No responsibility taken for this method.


Garry Whittaker said...

John G

That is a great tip - thanks.

On the 64 bit front I have been kindly sent a registry dump which I'm finding my way through. It looks pretty complicated but I think I should be able to get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

gary, thank you so much for taking the time to figure out a 64bit solution. I did your suggestions and a few of the anonymous ones listed above about the 64bit registry. I was able to get your program to notice the purevideo decoder but media center would give a decoder error when running it.

now this is a question for anyone who can answer this. I have done a lot of research on the subject and think i figured it out.

Purevideo decoder pack that you can buy from nvidia will not have a vista version. People have emailed nvidia and they said they have no intentions to release a vista decoder for sale from them. Now the purevideo decoder from there website, the Win XP version, will work on vista. I have tried this and as everyone has said and found out it will not give hardware acceleration support. It will only run the purevideo software decoder. This sucks because nvidia says they wont release a vista version "because many companies like cyberlink, intervideo are incorporating purevideo hardware acceleration in their products" I have PowerDVD 7 Ultra and in the settings it says purevideo hardware acceleration is enabled. So basically Purevideo Hardware Acceleration cant happen in Vista Media Center.

My question is, if Cyberlink PowerDVD enables the purevideo hardware acceleration, is this because the support for purevideo hardware acceleration is built into the cyberlink mpeg2 decoder??

So could i get Vista Media Center to use cyberlink mpeg2 decoder and then it would run the purevideo hardware acceleration???

Is this a workaround to using Purevideo hardware acceleration?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, really could do with this for 64bit Vista!

assman said...

YOU ARE A GOD. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the utility... I too get the C00D11B1 error in WMP11 after changing the codec to Intervideo or Cyberlink. Changing back to default MS codec allows playback in WMP but VMC is choppy in OTA HD.

I have set my system to Intervideo video codec and Cyberlink audio. The Intervideo audio codec does not show up in the utility. I do see 3 Cyberlink codecs. It would be a nice feature for the utility to display codec info.

I know you indicated the WMP codec and VMC codecs are independent but I think they must be tied together. It would be nice to be able to set defaults seperately for each to get WMP working again.

Your utility is a great start... thanks.

Anonymous said...

is there any progress on a decoder utility for vista64, are there any plans? Would be happy to help figure this out as the default codec is ish for me :(

Andrew said...

I, too, am *desperate* to switch out the MS Decoder in Vista x64. I have been unable to solve my stuttering problem, and I'm 99% certain from all the posts I've read that it's because I'm stuck with the crappy MS decoders.

I'd be happy to do the change to my registry myself, but I don't even know where to begin.

If I can be of any help (registry dump, testing, whatever), please let me know!

Ivan said...

1) if I use the Nvidia video codec, dvds are perfect, but tv stutters
2) if I use Windvd video with Nvidia audio codec, I don't get spdif passthrough as the system won't let me change it (thinks I am not playing video as I am not using the Nvidia codec)
3) if I select Powerdvd audio or video Mediacenter crashes
4) windvd audio codec shows up under the video codecs, therefore I cannot use it as an audio codec
5) if I use windvd with the microsoft codec, I don't get DTS passtrough.

Anonymous said...

seems garry forgot about us vista 64bit users. he hasnt responded to any posts for quite a few months now. wish someone would help out the people that would like to change the decoders in vista 64bit.

Anonymous said...

Hello... maybe someone here can help me...

I'm looking for about 3 things to make VistaMC "perfect" (for me anyways).

1) I'd like to use a different player (mainly "Media Player Classic") instead of WMP... is there a way to change this?

2) I'd like to "Play all" or "Play directory" of my movies. I can do this with audio but am unable to do a "play all" for videos... I even made a video playlist in WMP and then tried to play it in MC.. only to get just audio and no video, lol.

3) I'd like to change the list I see in my directories from an "Icon" like list to say a "list" list or other variations of this idea.

Thanks for any help and info...

Anonymous said...

found this pretty interesting because I have been using retail version of the nvidia decorder with xp,I have upraded to vista and googled for compatability which lead me here,I have a pinnacle DVB card(pinnacle are still working on the vista software for it)and I was really disappointed in the quality and jumps capturing with vista's mediacenter(my xp captures were perfect and I half thought of going back to xp as I do a lot of capturing)I installed the trial version of cyberlinks powercinema 5 and the quality was back again no stutters or anything,it runs great in vista seems real good and I'm going to purchase it and not use the vista mediacenter or attemp using the nvidia decorder,sorry I know this is no real help to your media center decoder utility but maybe someone who can't get vista's mediacenter to work with a different decorder may find powercinema 5 useful.

majorminor said...

The VMC Decoder worked superbly for me - after some time trying to solve an MPEG2 problem, I was advised to use by a green button forum member - see the thread at

Thank you, excellent work and a great service from the MediaCenter Expert

Anonymous said...

to they guy above who suggested powercinema 5, hopefully you didnt buy it just yet. I would not recommend buying powercinema as an alternative. I have used it on vista with my ati 650 pro tuner card, actually ati bundled a special powercinema version with it to use. Powercinema still has loads of problems. They have problems with the guide menu sometimes it quits loading and in powercinema you cant select what video and audio decoder to use.

I found BeyondTV 4.6 and used that for awhile, actually i did the beta vista testing with it also. This program is amazing. Ten times better than powercinema. You can select what decoders to use and extra. Interface is much nicer than powercinema. If you are going to do an alternative do not use powercinema and use BeyondTV

Pretty much BeyondTV does everything i want Vista Media Center to do, except it cant link up with my xbox 360 which is one reason I want to use Vista media center instead.

majorminor said...

Only one other mpeg2 decoder is displayed as an option when I use the VMC Decoder.

Is it possible to install other version decoders and if so any guidance on how would be appreciated?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the app.

Had problems with TV sound in media center with Channel 9, Channel 10 and ABC (Australia). Installed this, changed to NVIDIA sound and happy days!

Anonymous said...

Folks, I would like to repeat what kees said:

"Hi I used your utility on Vista Ultimate RTM and it works perfectly for Windows MediaCenter (it now uses my Nvidia PureVideo Decoders), however after using the utility I can no longer play DVD's (made with Windows DVD Maker) with Mediaplayer (error C00D11B1), they only play with the Nvidia codecs on Media Center.
When I use your utility to set the codecs back to the original Microoft decoders in Ultimate I can play DVD's on mediaplayer and mediacenter.... Any ideas?"

I have the same problem also, any solutions to this yet?

Neil Jones said...

Thanks for all the effort you've put into this. I'm having a problem though, I've got the MS, NVidia PureVideo and PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra codecs installed, and they all show up with your app. I can succesfully change between the MS and PureVideo ones, but if I try to change to any of the PDVD ones, despite your app telling me they've changed, and showing them selected if I run it again, Vista Media Center just keeps running with the previously selected codec, be it MS or PureVideo. Bottom line is it just won't switch to the PowerDVD ones, even though your app insists it has!

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I have similar problems with the Nvidia purevideo decoder. It works with media center, but the media player refuses to play dvr-ms files. However, i noticed on a XP computer that WMP11 uses a combination of Nvidia for video and the standard Microsoft
MPEG1-DD audio decoder. I have tried these settings and it now seems to work fine. Can others confirm this?

Anonymous said...

What about h.264 support in Vista MCE TV by forcing FFDSHOW??

There must be a way!


Anonymous said...

I now have the FFDShow Video Decoder and audio decoder selected in Vista Mce. My digital tv receiver arrives next week. Lets hope i get the h.264 hdtv channels in Vista MCE so we all can enjoy them.

Anyone ideas?

Xtopher Robin said...

I can't get any other decoders to show in the drop down menus. I'm running as admin, and I've installed both Roxio and Cyberlink Vista DVD decoders.

Here's my issue; I can't get ANY video to show in Media Center; when trying to run video (be it DVD, mpeg, avi, etc), I get the "Files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly" error. I've gotten this error since installing Vista over the weekend, and I've been trying to find a work around for this. DVDs and video play fine (and have done so since the install) in WMP (which I know you say is a separate entity).

Your utility seems to be the best shot that I have at swapping the decoder (if that is the issue), but I can't get any other decoders to show in the drop-downs. I tried the XP decoder utility, and nothing else shows there either... Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I downloaded the decoder utility and a number of decoders were listed but when setting preferred decoder I get an error and it doesnot update and asked me to log in as administrator. However I am logged in as administrator so I am confused as I would like to set my preferred decoder to solve my DVB-T MPEG2 Demux Filter error. Steve

Garry Whittaker said...

Steve, for soem reason it hasn't got administrative priviledges try right-clicking it and running as administrator.

It does need to be downloaded to your pc before running.

Richard Berg said...

Garry: the "Decoder" key did not exist on my system. (Vista Home Premium x86 RTM) Attempting to create it using the utility resulted in a null ref exception. The utility worked fine after I created the key manually. (I also had to run it elevated, of course).

Thanks for the tool! If you don't have time to work on this bug and/or an x64 version (who does?), consider putting it on CodePlex.

Jim Ferriter said...

I used your vista media center decoder utility with the Power DVD audio and it worked like a charm. Then I did God knows what and now I dan't get surround sound in either Media Center or Media Player. I have the Roxio dvd decoder installed for Media Player. I did notice that before I did whatever it is that I did that MPEG-2 showed up in the decoder utility dropdown window, but now only MPEG-1 is there. The Roxio decoder is visible in program files but not in add remove programs. Any ideas?

Barry said...

Flipping fantastic - MS should have tools like this built in as there's no clear way of identifying what decoder is in use.

Despite everything looking ok for the NVidia purevideo install I had choppy TV, no SPDIF/Digital sound in DVD's and no Purevideo icon in the taskbar on playback.

Using this to check the decoders, both were the crappy MS ones, switching audio and video to the NVidia decoders and then setting the audio decoder to use an external receiver via the taskbar icon and bam, clean TV with no choppy/jerky/stuttering playback and full digital sound in TV, Music and DVD's.

Give this man a medal!

Anonymous said...

For x64 you don't need to create an x64 version of the utility, just to use the appropriate parameters for your registry calls.

When you call RegOpenKeyEx(), bitwise-OR the value KEY_WOW64_64KEY with the other value(s) for the REGSAM parameter.


Theo said...

I have Vista 32bit with ATI Radeon 1250 with a FusionHDTV card. I am trying to play .tp files recorded from the Fusion Program in Media Center. I installed Cyberlink PowerDVD 7. With registry additions, I have been able to see the .tp files show up under "video library". However, when I select it, it says: It cannot play the video file.

I am able to open the .tp video files in the PowerDVD 7 program. And if I have set the default decoder in Media Center to the Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 decoder, shouldn't it play the file? What am I doing wrong?

Tyler Neiman said...

the best utility i ever used changed my video and audio decoders to nero no more "green screen" and the channels load faster than the windows mpeg2 decoders,
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Great Utility. Excellent, Works a treat.
I have a problem with AUDIO, It works perfectly for everything except TV. I only get 2.1 (stereo + sub) channels. It used to work. Every other audio stream comes out in surround as expected. I have a DVICO DVB-T twin HD tuner card. It was fine until I upgraded the motherbaord and Video drivers. (Shouldn't be related!!) Nomatter what I try VISTA changes the HD TV sound to 2.1.. Any ideas??

Jeff said...

How do I get MP11 to play HD DVD or Blue Ray? Also, is there any way to change the defalut media player in MCE2005 or Vista? I would like all movies to default to the Cyberlink player if I can't make MP11 play HD content.

Anonymous said...

Hi Garry ...

Great utility. Switched to NVideo Decoder from Microsoft and the difference was marked. No more audio pops and playback flicker.

Anonymous said...

DRM Strikes again

I tried your decoder utility on my Ocur enabled Vista system.
Vista NCE got very unhappy when I changed from the default Microsoft decoders to my better ones.

It refused to play anything

Jinx said...

I don't know if this helps anyone, but I've been rebuilding my HTPC for personal reason. I have found that the Cyberlink Codecs will cause your LiveTV to freeze (not stream) if you do not have ffdshow codecs installed. It might be the settings, but I had ffdshow setup the mpeg2 codecs as well, and after this I was finally able to get the Cyberlink Codecs to work with livetv flawlessly. Looks a whole lot better than Microsofts..

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for the vmcd utility. I have a Nero video decoder which came with Nero 7. DOes anyone know whether this is better than the Microsoft Decoder which ships with Vista Media Centre?

Jeff said...

Thank you Garry! Stumbled across your blog searching for a solution to very poor live TV signals from SD cable (Charter Cable) running through Vista Media Center (Vista Ultimate). Downloaded your utility and confirmed I only had the standard Windows decoders. Bought the Nvidia Decoder (bronze) and switched to the Nvidia decoders (video & audio) with your utility. WOW...makes a HUGE improvement in SD image quality. Running ATI Radeon X1300 video card and AverMedia Combo PCIe (M780) tuner card. Your utiltiy made this so easy. Thank you!

tim.freer said...

Hi Gary, downloaded and used your decoder utility and managed to swap out the default video decoder for the Intervideo one which is much better.
However I wasn't able to update the audio decoder as the Intervideo audio decoder only appears in the video decoder list. The audio list only has the Microsoft MPEG decoder???
Cheers - Tim

Hicham from Morocco said...

Hi Gary. I desesperately tried to download the utility, but to no avail. Do you have a mirror website from which I can get it ? Or can you try to solve that issue? Thank you

Garry Whittaker said...

Hi No mirror but the link is working - just checked.

If you are still having problems email me Garryjw AT and I will mail you a copy.

Kayden said...

Awesome program great work! I was having issues after a reinstall with the ms decoder where I would pause, ff or rw and it would stuttuer. I have a 7600, with a single core amd 3400 in there and the nvidia decoder never worked until now and now even with the slow sys (vista like dual core too much) it runs so well now I can't tell its vista any more cause it off loads it from the cpu to the vc finally. So again THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME PROGRAM!

Anonymous said...


Any idea why Windows Media player will not play any video unless UAC is off? This started a few weeks ago. I noticed many blogs are reporting this problem as well.

anhed said...

I just finished – sort of – building my first HTPC. Almost everything functions... I have one issue that my late night Internet searches have not helped address. My apologies if this as already been asked a thousand times…

Basics of the machine
Gigabyte motherboard
Core 2 Duo
2 GB
NEC DVD Burner
Auzentech XPlosion
GE Force 7600 HDMI
Zalman-160 Case

All drivers are the latest from the manufactures website.

The Problem…

I have two kids who love Disney movies. They also love to play Frisbee with the disks. These are hard, if not impossible to replace given Disney’s ‘vault’ policy – only issuing DVDs every 10,000 years. So, I used DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter to make copies (To be clear, I own the originals)…

Finally to the point… the backup copies do not play in media center, but the originals do. The exact same drive in an XP machine plays the disks just fine. Further, when I insert these DVDs into my new HTPC, the DVD Drive goes full bore for about 10 seconds and then ‘disappears’ from windows explorer. What gives?
At this point, I was close to scrapping this and loading XP and a third party media app... but, I tried the following instead.

Updated the drive firmware.
Replaced the cable.
Removed the filter keys from the registry.
Removed the DVD Drive from device manager and let windows re-install
... still no go...
Restored system to XP image from snapshot (disks play fine)
Upgraded to Vista Ultimate for a second time.
Installed only the graphics card driver, the sound card driver, and the chipset bits. No itunes or any other application that could possible cause a conflict.
...still no go...
I have a laptop with Vista Business on it and the DVD plays fine in WinDVD, but not Media Player (I think that this is because I have not installed a mpeg-2 codec on the machine)
The drive works fine in XP. Disk works fine in XP and on another Vista Machine! Could this possibly be an issue with the default Codec in Vista? That is my thought, but why not any error message... all that happens is that the drive spins at full speed for 20 seconds and then 'mysteriously' disappears from explorer. At this point, scan for hardware changes does not find anything and I am forced to restart in order to get the drive back
I am at a loss. Next steps anyone?

Anonymous said...

Dude you rock! I had an issue usin a laptop to tv via s -video resulting in choppy video, I changed the codec default and wala!

Anonymous said...

I used the Vista Media Center Default Decoders software and found it works great switching between decoders (video and audio) in Vista MCE.

Default Decoders :

Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder
Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder

But, if i switch and use to "CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD7)" and "CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD7)" the Vista Media Player fails to play DVD's. If I change the "CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD7)" to "Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder", I can play DVD's in the Vista Media Player.

So this tells me, the Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder must be used exclusively to work both in Vista Media Player and Vista MCE. No other Audio Decoders will work in Vista Media Player. The sound is weak at times using the Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder in the Vista Media Player.

I would like to use to "CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD7)" in the Vista Media Player, which I can not use. This Audio Decoder if selected will not play DVD's in the Vista Media Player.

Great work! At least I can switch to different Decoders in Vista MCE, Just not in Vista Media Player.

Garry Whittaker said...

Unfortunately the CyberLink Audio decoder is just not compatble with Media Center. Looking at the graph generated I think this is because it doesn't generate a compatible feed for the renderer and is expecting to use its own renderer.
Watch this space (or at least the blog) for a potential alternative to the windows audio decoder

Joe said...

Hi Garry,

It looks like the download is down again, could you re-upload it, or send it to me at holodoctor1(AT)yahoo(DOT)com?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you but the link to your VMCD decoder is broken. I am dying to try your utility out and I can't download it. Please help!!!! If you are having hosting problems could you please send the file to sep23(A-T)yahoo(d-o-t)com? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

as i can see this nice utility have been removed from this site... doo anyone know how i can get it :)???

Garry said...

Unfortunately the site where VMCD is hosted was hacked last week. The service provider is trying to sort things out and hopefully it will be up again next week.

Dan said...

downlaoded this fine

but when trying to change the decoder it doesnt show the others that i know are installed on my system. Do they have to be installed to a specific file ?

hope you can help , thanks

Ronski said...

Hi, I would like to change my 32Bit Vista Media Center decoder to Intervideo decoder, but I get no options other than the MS one, I also have FFDShow installed, but nothing else shows up, any ideas thanks.

Anonymous said...

I also have stuttering video playback in VMC. tried other codecs and so on but no succes.
I think it has something to do with the framerate

Also strange that my virusscanner detects a trojan in VMCD.exe....

Ronski said...

06-June-2008, I found out how to get the Intervideo Decoder to show up, came here to post it and found a reminder on the main page by chance, heres the link you need

Just copy and paste into the address bar.

Anonymous said...

Seems the file is infected withe the

This is found by AVG, F-Secure, GData, Ikarus and Kaspersky.

Pls. check the files on your server ...;

Garry said...

Hi All

Apologies for the infection. Have just updated with a clean version but please ensure you virus check on download

Al Iguana said...

Hi Garry, just downloaded this and AVG popped up telling me it has a trojan. Maybe it's a false positive? Cheers

AmokK said...

Hi dude !!

Kaspersky 2009 won't allow me to download yout great tool I used a while ago, says it's infected by :s

Anonymous said...

I have tried to use this tool to switch decoders however all it will show is the Windows Default one. I also used the XP Decoder Checkup tool and it shows the install nVidia and it's set to default and flagged but your tool won't see it.

The reason for needing to use the tool is I get no video then a "Loss of Signal" however I still have audio.

Mark said...

VMCD.exe is infected with a Trojan horse.

Looks like a handy utility, but be aware that if you've installed it.. As i was about too... you've opened a backdoor into your computer and compromised its security.

Trojan hourse clicker.npt

Reported by AVG Antivirus

Anonymous said...

Now I have to reinstall 3 OS.
Bloody hell! bastard !

Anonymous said...

It's me again. I have the same vmcd.exe since 1 Jear, and now my Virusscanner detects a Trojan. This means I'm working since 1 Jear with an compromised system? If this can be?


Garry Whittaker said...


Are you sayng you have had vmcd downloaded for a year and have not redownloaded it but it is suddenly showing up as a virus. I had been thinking that the recent virus reports might have been a compromised download and I had re-uploaded a rebuilt version fro my source code (which definitely doesn't incude a viral code). But if you have downloaded it again then I can't see how this hs happend. Also if you delete vmcd does the virus report go away.

Mark said...

Perhaps my comment about security issues is premature. AVG 8.0 Does report a security risk, but its hard to belive that such a widespread and useful utility is contaminated. Perhaps its because the utility modifies the registry that it shows up as a risk.

I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to security issues. Perhaps the author can update the file or comment on the security alerts and set our mind at rest.

Garry Whittaker said...


All I can really say is I definitely don't have any virus code in my source code. I do have to edit the registry which might seem a similar foot print. Interestingly my own anti-virus doesn't show it up as a virus. One thought I do have is VMCD is very widespread i wonder if someone has looked upon if as a tempting target for seconday infection. I am very interested into trying to get the bottom of this.

I did update the file on the server yesterday so perhaps someone cna try downloading that and reporting back although I am very worried by Michael's comments.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this file back in March 2008 and McAfee didn't detect anything wrong with it, but I switched to AVG 8.0 today (June 30, 2008) because my trial McAfee subscription expired. AVG suddenly detected Clicker.NPT. Not sure what the deal is, but it's definitely strange.

chris said...

Did an online scan at and the results were:
Out of 20 different antivirus, 4 found a virus, all 4 different, ArcaVir
Found Trojan.Downloader.Delf.Lh, Ikarus
Found, Sophos Antivirus
Found Mal/Generic-A,

Local install of AVG in 2 computers does come up with the Clicker Trojan, yet that online version did not.

Maybe its a false positive, as these AV tend to give out lots of falses.

Jake said...

About the virus being detected...whatever. I trust Garry more than the overly cautious virii detectors out there. I ran vmcd.exe, changed MCE to use PowerDVD 7.3 for video, and have been enjoying the results for over two weeks. It worked like a champ.

Andrew said...

Does anyone know how to change the default decoder in Vista x64? I've trawled through all these comments and found nothing..

Anonymous said...

Wow, AVG8 in Vista is an @ss. I had to redownload vmcd after I guess deleting it and AVG wouldn't let me do it! I had to disable resident shield and then quickly copy the file from the download folder to the desktop before it could delete it. What a pain! In the end the prog worked, though. Thanks!

iiView Team said...

iiView Corp

Hi Guys
here you got it

Irwan CyberShot said...

Hi Garry,

After several times trying to download VMCD and having it blocked by AVG, I switched AVG off and succesfuly downed VMCD. But when i tried to install it, Vista gave it an error as a non Win32 application. Is the file maybe corrupted? What can i do?

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a virus in this file. Please fix it Garry. Thanks.

Chris said...

I've been having a problem with Vista Media Center. I downloaded your ultility and installed the NVidia PureVideo Decoder as followed. I uninstalled all 3rd party codecs and I still get a Application Failed error when I click on Live TV, is there something I'm missing?

JONB said...

Had no spdif sound on some live TV channels for six months until I found your utility - huge thanks mate!

DanH said...

9/27/08 - Mcafee did a scan of my system last night and removed (did not even quarantine) the Vista Decoder Utility that I downloaded about a year ago.

McAfee has automatically blocked and removed a Trojan.

About this Trojan
Detected: Generic.dx (Trojan), Generic.dx (Trojan)

This is a link to their explanation page for this Trojan:

Adam said...


Thank you for posting this utility it is very useful, but...... My standard DVD playback looks great through my any of the non-MS codecs like ArcSoft TotalMedia or Sonic but the recorded TV video does not play unless I use the (crappy) MS codec.

What can I do to get good playback on both the DVD and recorded TV.

I have Dell Vista MCE with 2 Cable Cards.


Adam Stone

Anonymous said...

I'm also getting a Trojan warning, have tried assorted antivirus softwares and they all say the same thing. Can anyone verify recent use of this utility?

Daz said...

I also have the utility being removed by AVG as a virus(trojan). Vista then refuses to copy or open the file. I have Also tried a version from a year ago which was promptly deleted by AVG. However I cannot even download to vista with AVG uninstalled. Vista says I do not have permission when it tries to copy from the temporary internet files to anywhere on my PC>

Anonymous said...

Yes I am getting the Trojan warning as well.

Anonymous said...

Scanned with nod32 and no trojans.

Anonymous said...

I have installed PowerDVD 8 Ultra Edition. THe only codes that this tool shows however are the Microsoft ones.

Anyone any clue ?

Anonymous said... says that the Nvidia Pure Video Codec is not supported under Windows Vista. Just to clarify: Are you saying this statement from Nvidia is incorrect??

Balders said...

Same problem here - I can't see any other decoders except the MS ones, even with PowerDVD installed :(

Anonymous said...

If you are trying to use PowerDVD8 Codecs you'll have no luck. Cyberlink doesn't allow their use outside Cyberlink. Use PDVD6 or try something else, perhaps ArcSoft.

Anonymous said...

I installed the trial for the NVIDA PureVideo Decoder Platinum (30 Days) from the following:

I set the compatibility to XP and installed as Administrator. I then ran the Vista Media Center Decoder utility as Administrator to set the default to NVidia from MS. This sets ok and I believe the reg is being updated since when I run the utility again I can see it has changed.

However, when I view mpeg-2 live TV in media centre I cannot see the NVidia utility in the tray. It doesn't seem to be using the NVidia decoder for some reason. I just wondered if anyone has a solution please or maybe someone can verify the trial link is ok (ie. the codec hasn't already expired hence it won't show).

Zack said...

The two most widely mentioned utilities for setting the default MPEG2 Decoder in Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate are Microsoft's DECCHECK.EXE and vmcd.exe.

The first utility sets the decoder value of PreferredMPEG2VideoDecoder in the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Video

While vmcd.exe sets the PreferredMPEG2VideoDecoder value in this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder

Media Center uses the value from the first key, while Windows Media Player 11 in Vista gets its value for default decoder from the second key shown above.

Consequently, you can designate independent decoder for each. I use ATI MPEG Hardware decoder for the first value for TV decoding, and Microsoft's decoder for the second key for DVD playback. You can play a DVD and watch TV simultaneously using two decoders and the system utilization is about 37% CPU Usage and 38% Physical Memory while streaming the TV signal from PCTVTOGO HD Wireless at 7 mbps. The system is rock solid stable plying TV and DVD and other programs simultaneously!

Randall said...

I can't get the NVidia PureVideo to show up in your utility... any thought on what I can do?

Anonymous said...

The utility is amazing. MC playback is much better. Now, my only real problem is with XP MCE 2005. I want to change my decoder in MCE 2005. Can you make a utility for that? Oh yeah, that registry key in xp isn't there. Hope you can help. Maybe a a drop at slimsuitsender at would be great. But I'll try checking back.

Chompas said...

Hi, I'm arguing with the media center. I have a Kworld PCI Lite TV card and it works perfect with his own Hypermedia Center. But if I watch tv on Vista Media Center, the video and sound is choppy. I installed pure video and changed the codec with this. The Nvidia logo appears, but its still choppy. Some suggestion?

Anonymous said...

I can not say i'd trust this utility. Ever since I have tried to use it Media Center keeps having video codec malfunctions ... even after reverting back to the default MS Codecs.

Could be general codec incompatabilities but this utility is not worth teh hassle on a Vista MEC with 2008 TV Pack Installed

Brent said...

Great work you're doing here -- no one else seems to have a clue about the codec issues with MCE.

I've got a great brand new HTPC set-up, 64 bit Vista, where everything works great, except DVD's will not play VOICES (background noises fine, but main actors are mute). The 5.1 Dolby works great with TV, Internet, etc., and I'd about gotten fed-up with forums telling me to check my speaker wires when I found this island of enlightenment. I'd already tried changing blu-ray disk drives at that point.

I'm not accustomed to using regedit (and probably shouldn't, eh?) -- it seems to me that:
The mpeg2 decoder with MCE is incompatible with the MPEG2/Dolby 5.1 combo, and that none of the mpeg2 decoders that I've installed since actually edited the 64 bit registry to take over in MCE.

You'd be doing me a great favor if you can just confirm if my above hypothesis sounds correct. Any suggestions are above and beyond. Thanks!

PS. For background, I've got 64-bit Vista with MCE running on a Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H motherboard with integrated Nvidia GeForce9400, an Intel Core 2 Duo 7400 cpu, Hauppage dual TV card, etc. Sure, I COULD play DVD's in a different program than the one we use for watching and recording TV, but this is a family PC, and anything that complicates its use is undesireable

Garry Whittaker said...


Probably spot on with your surmise. Although I do have one thought can you check your speaker setup in vista(right click the speaker icon choose playback devices)and in media center (settings audio) are both setup to use 5.1. Sometimes these get out of line.

Also check under the enhancements tab the setting for virtual surround and try swapping it.

harlequin said...

Hi Gary,
I have a strange problem -- I am running Vista MCE with a USB Hauppage WinTV HVR-950Q stick. When displaying live TV in the WinTV application, I get nice clean video. In MCE, however, the same channels (and it's only certain channels) stutter and lag. Decreasing the resolution seems to fix it, but that's non-ideal. Changing the codecs using this helpful tool doesn't seem to have an effect.

The machine is pretty powerful, but the onboard video card in it is rather low-end - Intel Mobile chipset with 256 Mb of RAM. It seems strange though that WinTV's app does just fine, and MCE is stuttering like that. I'd be happy with any suggestions.

Garry Whittaker said...

Hi Harlequin

MediaCenter needs a reasonable amount of graphics memory and GPU power - more than WIN TV as it is doing more graphically.

Having said that the Graphics Driver can make a huge difference so I would certainly try updating that first.


Anonymous said...

can anyone help me with VMCD.exe,when I try to open the file I get this:
the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).click to close the application.

Garry Whittaker said...

Hi Raff

Just to check are you saving the file to a location on your computer before running it?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am saving the file in D:\

Garry Whittaker said...

Odd - the error you are getting is saying you don't have access to the file. Can you try right-clicking it and running as administrator

Anonymous said...

Yes I can run it it as administrator and also got the same message:the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).click to close the application.
I am running windows 7 build 7260,i downloaded MCDU,and also got the same thing.

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