Monday, December 03, 2007

Haven't vanished - although you might think so

Hi All

Been getting quite a few emails lately checking up on me. So I thought I had better post that I am alive and well. Recently had some turmoil in my personal life which didn't leave me much time to post but I should be back on track shortly.

One thing this has meant is I had to build a new MediaCenter for myself and I'm very pleased to be able to recommend the MSI Media Live barebones kit. I've built one of these with a Energy Saving AMD Dual Core, 4gb of memory and a terrabyte of hard disk array and it sings. Probably the easiest PC build I have ever done. One gotcha though - the heatsink, although magnificently effective and quiet, is a right pain to get on. Trick for this is to take the power supply out as it makes it a lot easier to maneuver. Even with this fiddle the whole build took only 2 hours.