Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Terratec Cinergy XS drivers on Vista Update

Almost missed these as they only show up as an optional update, but there is a new updated driver for the Cinergy XS USB DVB Tuner on Windows Vista Update (note the original not the Hybrid or the Diversity version).

This seems to have fixed all the issues I was having with multiple of these tuners in vista such as not tuning immediately to a channel and coming up with No signal messages on recordings.

No mention on the Terratec site yet but I'm sure it will be there shortly.

On a side note if any manufacturer wants to send me any USB TV tuners for review I will be doing a review shortly.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Windows Live for TV Beta

I don't usually post news but for Vista Media Center owners this is too good to missed. The Microsoft Windows Live Team recently announced Windows Live for TV. For some reason the beta is currently only open to US residents which seems a shame.

Basically this beta is the project, formerly known as Nemo and now know as Orbit, which brings the functions of Windows Live to Vista Media Center. The really exciting thing is it brings the full messenger experience including Video Calling.

Now we know why they dropped messenger from the Vista Media Center build.

More info from our friends at

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Announcing the Media Center Show Community

Ian Dixon today updated the Media Center Show forums to the latest community server and announced the Media Center Show community.

This is really exciting and we are looking at ways to integrate my blog into this great community.

So hurry on over and check out the show forums there are great Ask the Expert tips and general discussion to be found http://www.iandixon.co.uk/cs/forums